GeoLibraries are internet locations to find geospatial data and metadata. The NEERS GeoLibrary provides links to on-line sources of geospatial data principally within the geographic scope of NEERS. Many of these libraries utilize GIS products (e.g., ESRI's MapCafe or ArcIMS to serve up data such as orthophotography over the internet using a browser (i.e., thin client is the GIS buzz word!). MIT is working with several states to serve up high quality orthophotography with geographic coordinates at no expense to the user. This page also provides links to sites containing glossaries and tools.

Truly amazing are the historic panoramas available at the Library of Congress. To appreciate these files, download them to you hard drive, download the MrSid viewer and pan and zoom! The detail is phenomenal. You can also view these files in ArcView 3.1 or higher, if you activate the MrSid extension.


bad link ArcScripts - downloaded tools to extend functionality of ArcView/Info
bad link Canadian Gazetteer - place names in Canada
bad link Coastal Geospatial Data Info
bad link Digital Chart of the World
bad link EPA's Environmapper
EPA's/ESRI's Hazard Mapper
bad link ESRI's GIS Jump Station
bad link Getty Thesaurus of Place Names
bad link GIS Data Depot
GIS Links
bad link Glossary of GIS Terms
bad link Nautical Chart Extension for ArcView
bad link NOAA's MapFinder
bad link NOS MapFinder - coastal photography, historic charts & maps, hydrographic surveys
Panoramic Map Collection from the Library of Congress
bad link Sources of Earth and Planetary Photograpy
bad link Space Shuttle Photograph Archive
bad link USFWS GIS Links
U.S. Gazetteer - Identify places and obtain 1990 US Census data


Sites Providing Global Geospatial Data

bad link Microsoft Terraserver - USGS Orthophotography and SPIN Images


NEERS Region


Map and Geographic Information Center


bad link Gulf of Maine
Maine DEP
bad link Internet Mapping
bad link Maine Office of GIS


bad link An Internet Geo-Image Library for the Massachusetts Coast
bad link Boston - MIT Digital Orthophoto Browser
bad link Massachusetts Bay Dataset - 1990/91 temp, salinity, pressure, sea level data
bad link Massachusetts Electronic Collection - Harvard
Massachusetts Maps

New Hampshire


New Jersey

bad link Map Garden

New York

bad link CUGIR - Cornell University Geospatial Repository
bad link New York State GIS Clearinghouse

Rhode Island

Critical Resources Atlas
bad link RI - MIT Digital Orthophoto Browser