Estuarine and Coastal Links

Aerial Photography

Aerials Only Inc.

Climate & Tides

Hurricanes - National Hurricane Center
Hurricanes - Worldwide (U. Hawaii)
NOAA National Data Buoy Center
NOAA National Weather Service
NOAA Tides & Currents

Estuary/Bay Programs

bad link Barnegat Bay
Boston Harbor and Bay Page
Buzzards Bay
Casco Bay - EPA NEP
Long Island Sound Study - EPA
Long Island Sound - Monitoring My Sound
Massachusetts Bays
Narragansett Bay
New Hampshire Estuaries
bad link New York-New Jersey Harbor
Peconic Estuary Program


American Fisheries Society
American Fisheries Society - Southern New England Chapter

Estuarine Research Societies

Estuarine Research Federation
Atlantic Canada Coastal & Estuarine Science Society
Atlantic Estuarine Research Federation
California Estuarine Research Society
Gulf Estuarine Research Society
Pacific Estuarine Research Society
Southeast Estuarine Research Society

Estuarine Link Pages

bad link List of Oceanography Resources
bad link List of WWW Sites of Interest to Ecologists
Marine Biology Links
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography


ArcScripts - downloaded tools to extend functionality of ArcView/Info
bad link Coastal Geospatial Data Info
Magic (University of Connecticut)
bad link Nautical Chart Extension for ArcView
bad link NOS MapFinder - coastal photography, historic charts & maps, hydrographic surveys


Coastal America
EPA Homepage
EPA - Region 1
NOAA Coastal Services Center
NOAA Homepage
NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserves
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA NMFS Northeast Region - Northeast Fisheries Science Center
NOAA National Ocean Service
US Fish & Wildlife Service Homepage
US Fish & Wildlife Service - Region 5
bad link US Fish & Wildlife Service - Coastal Ecosystems Program (SNE & NY)
USGS - Biological Resources Division
USGS - National Wetlands Research Center


bad link

GNOME - General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment, free trajectory model

New England Institutions

Bigelow Laboratories, Boothbay Harbor, Me
bad link Coastal Marine Laboratory, University of New Hampshire
Darling Marine Center, University of Maine
bad link Jackson Labs, University of New Hampshire
bad link Lobster Institute, University of Maine
Marine Program, University of New Hampshire
bad link Marine Science Center, Northeastern University
MBL/WHOI Library
Shoals Marine Laboratory, University of New Hampshire and Cornell University
State University of New York at Stony Brook - Marine Sciences Research Center
University of Connecticut - Marine Sciences Institute
University of Rhode Island/Graduate School of Oceanography
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Ocean Observing Systems

Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
Long Island Sound Integrated Coastal Observing Systems
Mid-Atlantic Coastal and Ocean Observing Regional Association
Northeast Regional Association for Coastal and Ocean Observing System
U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System

Sea Grant

Connecticut Sea Grant
Maine/New Hampshire Sea Grant
Massachusetts (WHOI) Sea Grant
New York Sea Grant
Rhode Island Sea Grant

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

SeagrassNet - global monitoring Long Island Sound Long Island Sound Restoration - Cornell Cooperative Extension Agency bad link Baygrasses (Chesapeake)
Seagrass Restoration Program (VIMS)
bad link Seagrasses (University of Hawaii)
Seagrasses in the Chesapeake Bay
South Florida Seagrass Ecosystems Home Page
bad link Western Australian Seagrass Web Page

Zoological Links

Biosis Links
bad link Amphipod Page
bad link Annelid Page
bad link Cephalopod Page
bad link Mollusc Page
bad link Porifera Page
bad link Stomatopods