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Highlights from the Current Newsletter - Winter 2013


Highlights from the Fall 2012 meeting on Block Island, RI.

Thanks to our symposium presenters for kicking off the meeting with a session in tribute to Scott Nixon: "Thinking Beyond Boundaries: Broader Perspectives in Coastal Ecology." Check the newsletter for award winners and Walter Berry's choice for his traditional post-banquet game.

Tales of Winter Field Work

Read the accounts of intrepid scientists...
Stephen Hales account of sampling salmon redds in Alaska in January.
Veronica Berounsky's January sampling of the Narrow River.
Sue Adamowicz and Dave Burdick's measurements of marsh elevation at the Rachel Carson NWR.
Wesley Dukes account of SeagrassNet monitoring by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Greetings from CERF Argentina

Marianne McNamara from Stony Brook University was able to attend CERF International in Mar de Plata, Argentina, with generous support from both NEERS and CERF. To thank us, she sent photos of herself holding the NEERS logo while exploring Argentina. Thanks for representing us, Marianne!


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